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Dyson v8 vs dyson v6

It has a longer battery life, a bright new appearance and an improved bin-emptying mechanism. In one corner is the new Dyson V8 Absolute. In the other is the Dyson V6 Animal. While the V6 is tailored to take on smaller tasks, the V8 can tackle a larger area and more surfaces.

The Animal is part of the V6 line, which also includes the standard V6, the V6 Absolute and the V6 Motorhead, each of which has slightly different characteristics. Our references to the V6 will refer to the V6 Animal. Aside from color, these two vacuums look almost identical. The V6 Animal is configured much the same way, except for its bold purple color scheme.

The V8 weighs 5. Both can transform into a hand-held vacuum for up-close cleaning. Dyson V6 Motorhead. The new V8 has an edge on the V6 in the cleaning ring. The former is designed for digging deep into carpet, while the latter targets dust on hard flooring. The V6 Animal has just one cleaning head, the direct-drive. When it comes to cleaning the machine itself, users will also notice a difference.

The V6 features push-button bin emptying. With this model, users pull up on the top of the bin to release its contents below without touching the bin itself. But cordless models are battery powered, and batteries can last only for so long. Not only did Dyson improve power but also lengthen the run time thanks to the larger capacity lithium-ion batteries.

The V8 will run for up to 40 minutes without the motorized tool. That number will go down to around 25 minutes if you use any of the two motorized tools. The longer run time and bump in power make this a better option if you live in a larger home. Aside from the noticeable improvements in power and run time, here are two significant improvements that make the V8 a better product compared to the V6. When you look at advertorials, it shows dirt dropping down easy. According to Wikipedia, statically charged dust likes to cling to other objects because of static electricity.

In the case of the V6, dust sticks on the plastic shell and inner filter of the bin. It stays inside the bin. Dyson has improved the design in the V8. Instead of just relying on just a trap door and gravity, the new design pushes dirt out, at least most of it. Even with all the muck and hair inside, it has a mechanism that pushes stuff out.

Another area of improvement would be the placement of the lever. I feel that this is a better design because it is less messy and dirt at least most of it will go to the trash bin. Another improvement would be the max button. In previous models before the V8, turning on the max involves pressing a button at the back of the post-motor filter.

Nothing wrong with the placement, but getting it to tun on can be tricky. The new design eliminates that nuance. It uses a slide switch that makes the process much easier. The Dyson V6 has the V6 motor that pumps out 24 air watts in normal mode. In the max mode, that number goes up to air watts. A hundred is pretty darn good considering this machine does not have any cords. It nearly produces more than a third the power a Dyson Ball Animal 2 would. It has the same 2-tier radial cyclones that capture fine dust and allergens.

And a post-motor HEPA filter keeps those allergens inside the bin. Cleaning on flat surfaces does not only require sheer power, but you will need some agitation to pull up dirt. It is especially true when cleaning dusty areas. The Dyson V6 and V8 have tools specifically designed for bare floor and carpet. The new brush in the V6 Animal and V6 Absolute has better performance because it has more power and better agitation. Just look at these clips. It almost does as well as the Dyson V10 when it cleans surface dirt, and surprisingly, it did better in the deep cleaning test, where it picked up You can check the V8 and V10 comparison here to see all the details.

Both of these models come with a fade-free lithium-ion battery. But the V8 has a much longer run time of 40 minutes compared to 20 minutes of the V6. The 40 minutes run time can only be achieved minus the motorized tools attached. If you connect any of the powered devices e.

Yes, the good news is, the batteries in the Dyson V6 and the V8 are replaceable. This is fantastic news in terms of the longer-term viability of this product. Please check the instructions here on how to replace the battery in the Dyson V6 and here for the V8. These replacement batteries usually come with a one-year warranty and a day replacement guarantee.

Make sure to check the fine print carefully before buying one. With the new bin design of the V8, Dyson was able to increase capacity to 0. It is around 0. All Dyson cordless vacuums come with a 2-year warranty. If you check out Amazon, the V6 has a total of 10 variants , each with its own set of tools for a specific purpose.

It comes with a mini motorized brush for the job. At Dyson. The first two have an improved direct-drive motorized brush. So far, the V8 has only one variant in Amazon — the Absolute. It has the full set of tools that include the direct-drive cleaner head, soft roller brush, crevice tool, combination tool, mini motorized tool, and soft dusting brush.

Comparing the top-end options, both come with the same number of tools.


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