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Dyson v11 vs dyson v10 пылесосы дайсон 32 цена

Dyson v11 vs dyson v10

Even in the middle or auto setting, the V11 was still able to pick up Having a larger motor and battery cells increases the weight of the V It weighs around 6. Both vacuums are easy to use. In typical Dyson fashion, all the components come neatly packed in separate plastic containers. Assembly is easy thanks to the quick-release latches that make it easy to attach and remove accessories. Both these vacuums share similar components, and this includes the trigger.

One downside to this would be the strain it puts on your fingers and wrist, but the trigger itself requires only a light touch. The V11 being heavier is a bit tougher to use when cleaning areas above floors. With the motor and dust bin on top, it will put more strain on your wrist. The process of dumping the contents of the bin is the same for both vacuums. It employs a point-and-shoot system due to the new alignment of the dust cup.

Unlike the V6, where it can get messy, the V10 and V11 bin have a hygienic system that pushes the dirt down. Just point the vacuum downward towards the trash bin and push the red latch. This will open the container, and all the contents drop. Unlike the Dyson V8 and earlier models, the V10 and V11 have only one filter. Fortunately, for the V10 and V11, it will last for 15 years , at least if you believe what James Dyson says.

Only time will tell if this is true. However, the similarities end there. Despite the uptick in power, the V11 will run longer than the V10 if you look at tests. In the lowest power mode using the soft roller tool, the V11 will run for 81 minutes. For the V10, the number is 61 minutes using the crevice tool in the lowest setting. Another upgrade in the V11 that helps with efficiency is the intelligent suction control.

It is a sensor in the primary tool that detects the surface and adjusts power accordingly. The Dyson V11 is the noisier option between the two, maxing out at I kind of expected these results because the V11 uses a more powerful motor that cleans carpet better. Despite the power advantage of the V11, cleaning performance on surface dirt is almost identical.

Based on cleaning tests, the difference between the two is just one percent. One significant advantage the V11 has over the V10 is in deep cleaning. V11 has lots of convenience features that will help make your life easier. One significant upgrade over the V10 is the digital display at the back of the motor. It informs you of essential data such as power mode, battery life, and when you need to clean the filter.

The Dyson V11 has more power across all the power settings. Please check the chart below for the figures in CFM. To measure airflow, I used an anemometer at the wand and main cleaning head. I like using this tool as it measures airflow directly from the point of entry. The higher the airflow, the better the vacuum does when cleaning embedded dirt on carpets. Other factors like brush roll design are also crucial, but airflow is an important consideration.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Dyson V10 would be the better option. It is lighter, thus less straining to use areas above floors. The difference between the two is less than a pound, but those extra ounces can wear on your arm and wrist. Please check the links below for the latest prices. Dyson V10 vs. I hope you like the products that I recommend here. Just an F.

Dyson V Contents 1 A quick look at the Dyson V10 vs. V11 4 What are the tools included in the Dyson V10 and V11? V Which Offers Better Value? Trigger Switch: Helps extend battery life to the maximum. Removable Extension Wand: Makes these robots versatile. HEPA filtration: Keeps allergens inside the bin. Digital Motor: It spins at around , rpm. Torque Drive: Upgraded cleaning head does better on bare floors.

Interchangeable Tools: Both variants come with a variety of tools. Power: The Dyson V11 has 8. Digital screen: The V11 only available Absolute and Torque Drive has a digital display that provides information about run time, cleaning mode, and when to clean the filters. Soft roller tool: Only the Dyson V10 at least in the United States has the Absolute option with the soft roller or fluffy tool.

Run time: The V11 will run for up to 74 minutes with the main cleaning head attached at the lowest setting, while the V10 only tops out at 61 minutes with the crevice tool. Battery Status: Tells you how much time is left. Power Mode: Using the button below the screen, you can toggle between low medium and high power settings. You can also set it at automatic if you want more convenience. The question is, are you willing to pay top-dollar for the conveniences it brings to the table?

Crevice tool: It has a narrow nozzle with an angled tip that works great at reaching areas between sofa cushions or tight spaces under and between car seats. I use this to clean inside my vehicle. Mini soft dusting brush: Has soft bristles that make it great for cleaning more delicate items like lampshades. Mini turbo brush: A small version of the floor tools with its motorized brush for cleaning hair and dirt on upholstery or carpet stairs.

Direct drive head: This is the same tool found in the Dyson V7 and V8. Only found in the V10 MotorHead. A horizontal sliding switch on the handle lets you put the vacuum in one of two cleaning modes. Power mode provides a longer runtime. Max mode kicks up the suction but drains the battery faster. Dyson V10 On the V10s, you get three cleaning mode options via the vertical sliding switch.

Suction II mode is meant for daily vacuuming while Boost mode provides extra suction. For short-pile carpeting and hard-surface floors, you can use the Suction I mode. The touchscreen on the Torque Drive and the Animal provide important maintenance reminders and let you choose a cleaning mode — the suction-adjusting Auto mode, the battery-saving Eco mode or the suction-increasing Boost mode.

Conclusion: Those who have hard floors will appreciate the extra cleaning mode in the V However, the most significant advancements were made in the V11 stick vacs with their touchscreen mode-selector. Dyson V8 For the V8, Dyson uses a nickel-cobalt-aluminum lithium-ion battery.

The 6-cell NCA battery pack provides a minute working time in Power mode and a 7-minute runtime in Max mode. On a dead battery, the charging time takes 5 hours. With the soft-brush and torque-drive floor head attached, the runtime decreases by 20 minutes and 25 minutes, respectively, and the battery takes 3.

Integrated sensors measure and transmit battery-charge information to the display screen. The tradeoff for this upgrade is a slightly longer recharge time of 4. Conclusion: The V10 stick vacuums offer 20 minutes more working time than the V8s, and the charging time is 1.

While the V11 offers the same maximum runtime as the V10, it takes an hour longer to recharge the battery. Dyson V8 Stick vacuums tend to be lightweight, and the V8 Animal is the lightest at 5. However, the V8 Absolute comes close, weighing 5. Both models are inches-tall in floor mode, and they instantly transform into a handheld with one button click.

Dyson V10 Despite a larger battery than the V8s, Dyson manages to keep all three V10s under 6 pounds. The Motorhead weighs a mere 5. Each one measures Dyson V11 The V11 models weigh 6. The Animal stands Both models have a balanced center of gravity for better handling when lifting them above your head.

Conclusion: Out of all three stick vacuum lines and their respective models, the V10 Motorhead is the lightest and the V11s are the heaviest. However, the weight difference is only 1. Dyson V8 The attachments for the V8 stick vacs are aplenty. The Absolute and the Animal come with a motorized brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a combo brush-crevice. A button press quickly detaches each accessory, and the wall-mounted charging dock offers room to store two tools.

Dyson V10 As with the V8s, the V10 Absolute and the Animal come with four accessories, including a motorized tool, a combo crevice tool, a separate crevice wand and a soft brush. The Motorhead offers the most basic vacuuming tools — a crevice wand and a combo brush-crevice tool. These vacuums also come with a wall-mounted dock with double tool storage and charging pins. Dyson V11 The V11 Animal offers a motorized and a hard-bristled brush as well as a crevice wand and a dual-purpose brush-crevice tool.

With the Torque Drive, you get all four accessories plus a soft dusting brush. Both models provide storage for two tools on the wall-hung charging dock. Dyson switches the four-tool lineup with the V11 Animal by replacing the soft brush with a hard-bristled brush.

Improvements in suction power, the number of cleaning modes, the runtime and the floor-head configuration were made from the Dyson V8 to the V10 and again from the V10 to the V The switch from a sliding mechanism to a touchscreen was also a major change in the V Out of all three stick vacuum lines, Dyson made the biggest changes with the release of the V10 models , most of which Dyson carried to the Dyson V11 stick vacuums.

The debris bin got bigger, and the filter became easier to maintain. Also, the V10 and V11 are equipped with a larger battery and fine-tuned motor. Each stick vacuum line showcases meaningful changes, and we have no doubt that the next set of stick vacs will surpass the currently available models. Best of the Best! Stiff nylon bristles drive deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. Soft, anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture dust from hard floors and crevices. The A11 Hero is a high performance cordless vacuum featuring a W motor and up to W of suction power for deep, thorough cleaning on any floor surface.

The Moosoo stick vacuum creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from air. Its HEPA filter removes up to Dyson V11 60min Run Time 6. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Get In Touch. Bissell vs. Shark Upright Vacuums Bissell A vs.


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The Dyson V10 Absolute is an ideal vacuum cleaner for small to average homes with carpets and lots of hard floors. The most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in the industry. Capable of deep carpet clean. The last one is not available in the US so far. When comparing the Animal with Torque Drive , you will notice that the Animal version has a mini dustbin brush, the Torque Drive lacks. The Animal has a more basic display with no countdown timer.

Because of surface detection and a display, the Dyson V11 is more intelligent than its predecessor. Compared to the Dyson V10, the V11 is more intelligent and efficient. It has longer runtime, and better cleaning performance. It has a wide cleaning head that gets the job done faster. The Outsize was designed for big homes with lots of carpets and pet hair as it is equipped with the largest dustbin in the industry. Because of having everything bigger, the cleaner is also bulkier and heavier.

If you live in a big house with mostly high-pile shaggy carpets, the V11 Outsize is the cleaner you need. In terms of battery life, the Dyson V11 lasts longer but also takes 1 hour more to recharge. Because of having a bigger battery, it is 1 pound heavier which is noticeable in the long-term run. On carpet, both do amazingly well with picking up debris and there is no significant difference between the two.

Especially noticeable with larger debris. Overall, the Dyson V11 does better with deep carpet clean and lasts longer but also heavier and takes one hour more to recharge. Even though the Dyson V10 is older and has less suction power, it is enough to provide deep cleaning on carpets. Yes, the Dyson V11 ensures more power even on medium power settings, it only means that with the Dyson V10 you most likely will have to go over the dirty spot a few times. Besides, the price point of the Dyson V10 makes it a better value and the Absolute version with a soft roller is available in the US.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend more on the Dyson V11 Animal , you get more power, longer runtime, a display, smart carpet identification yet no soft roller, which is not that big of a deal if you mostly have carpets. If you have lots of hard floors, you can optionally buy the soft roller head on Amazon. The Dyson V11 performs better with a deep carpet clean so if you mostly have carpets, you might consider paying more for the V Write a comment.

SSG is reader-supported and we may earn an affiliate commission from Amazon purchases through our links. Dyson V11 vs. Dyson V10 vs. V11 Absolute vs. V7 vs. V8 vs. V10 vs. Dyson V10 Absolute The Dyson V10 Absolute is already a great device with strong suction and way above average cleaning performance.

So the Dyson V11 got: A display that shows the current cleaning mode and estimated battery life as well as other additional info A bigger battery that provides longer runtime Stronger suction even on medium settings. Now the V11 is capable of cleaning high-pile carpets faster and more efficient DLS sensor that recognizes carpet flooring automatically increasing suction making battery life more efficient Quieter than the Dyson V10 One downside of the Dyson V11 is that it does not include a soft roller at least in the US so you have to buy one optionally.

Noise : the Dyson V11 has more power, but it is not as loud as the Dyson V Dyson V10 Motorhead vs. Animal vs. Animal version has a torque-drive cleaner head and is more suitable for pet owners. Ideal for both surfaces: bare and carpet flooring.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive vs. If you need the soft roller, you can get one separately. Animal version is cheaper than the Torque Drive, it has a more basic screen and one extra cleaning tool. Absolute modification has about the same accessory kit and in addition, comes with the soft roller for bare flooring.

Comments: 0. Email address Required for comment verification. Notify me about follow-up comments. Related articles. Dyson vs. Due to the fact that the V11 is able to offer more power than the V10, it gets the nod from us in this category.

Still, the V10 is more than capable of cleaning the vast majority of messes and spillages from floors with ease, and the extra power afforded in the V11 may not be necessary in most cases. Dyson V11 intelligently optimizes suction and run time, to deep clean everywhere.

The real-time reporting on the LCD screen to give you control of your clean. Dyson V11 cord-free vacuum quickly transforms to a handheld for quick clean ups, spot cleaning and cleaning difficult places. As stated earlier on, suction power is important, but you need a good design and solid technology elsewhere throughout a vacuum cleaner to ensure that it lives up to its potential in real world conditions. So how do the Dyson V10 and V11 models compare against one another when it comes to actual cleaning tests?

In short, they both perform pretty much flawlessly. In countless tests, the Dyson V10 has proven to offer near-perfect performance across every floor type. The Dyson V11, meanwhile, also lives up to the high standards set by Dyson in the past. You may not really notice much visible difference in your floors after using the V11 compared to the V10, but the added suction helps keep floors cleaner for longer.

To sum up, both the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 perform almost perfectly across every floor type. The Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 have a lot in common. They share similar shapes and designs, almost identical attachments, and exceptional levels of cleaning performance. Both can be used in handheld or standing mode, and both offer great maneuverability too. They even have the exact same dust bin size, with a capacity of 0.

Well, as well as the fact that the V11 has additional suction power for deeper cleaning, the biggest unique feature it has over the Dyson V10 is its screen. This feature is not available on the Dyson V Dyson V10 users have to settle for some battery indicator lights on the side that will show you roughly how much run time you have left, as well as letting you know when the battery is fully charged.

Thanks to the screen, the V11 has the edge when it comes to unique features. This is another aspect in which the V10 and V11 series show some differences, but not on paper. The Dyson V10 comes with a 6-cell battery with 2, mAh of power. In action, this battery can hit some impressive maximum run times of around 60 minutes on its lowest power setting. It can last for around 45 minutes with the motorized brush roll attachment on low power, half an hour on medium power, and under 10 minutes on the maximum power setting.

The Dyson V11, meanwhile, comes with a mAh battery. Dyson actually states that this model can only hit top run times of about 60 minutes, just like the V10, but in actuality, many tests and user reports show that the V11 can go even longer. On its Eco mode, the V11 can go for around 75 minutes, and the run times gradually decrease as the power levels increase. Thanks to its extended run time, the V11 is the winner here.

Another key aspect of batteries that has to be considered when looking at cordless vacuum cleaners is how long those batteries take to charge back up in between uses. Many people appreciate vacuums that can be charged up quickly, allowing them to be used all over again without much down time. Since the Dyson V11 battery has a higher capacity, it takes longer to fully charge, averaging between 4 and 4.

Evidently, the faster charging times of the V10 give it the advantage in this particular category. Lots of people prioritize charge times when buying a cordless vacuum, so those who want the best speeds should opt for the V Vacuum cleaners can get a little noisy from time to time. Some models are so loud they can be heard from over the street, making them difficult to use at certain times of day without bothering members of the household or even your neighbors.

Fortunately, Dyson produces some of the quieter models on the market. In tests, the Dyson V10 averages around decibels on its lowest setting, on the medium power mode, and on Max. The Dyson V11, meanwhile, gets up to decibels on its lowest setting, on its medium setting, and on the maximum power level. So, these measurements show us that the V11 is generally noisier than the V10, with higher decibel readings for the low and max power levels.

Size and weight are two more factors that come into play when evaluating the quality of any vacuum cleaner, and many people enjoy the convenience and ease of use of the more compact, lightweight models on the market. The Dyson V10 stands at a height of In terms of weight, it tips the scales at 5. The Dyson V11 measures up at a little larger than the V It stands at a height of Similarly, the V11 is a little heavier than the V10, weighing in at 6.

The prices in the vacuum cleaner market can vary quite a lot, with some really cheap, affordable options out there and plenty of more expensive, high-end alternatives with their own unique selling points and advanced technology. The Dyson V10 series is one of the most recent offerings from the Dyson brand and one of the most advanced too, leading to relatively high prices.

The V10 Animal is the cheapest variety, while the Absolute is the more expensive alternative. Average prices for the Dyson V11 are reasonably higher than they would be for the V The V11 Torque Drive is the more expensive variant, with the Animal being a little cheaper. The Dyson V10 is a phenomenal feat of vacuum cleaner technology, building on the impressive foundations laid down by Dyson in the past with models like the V8.

It offers immense suction power and cleans up all kinds of messes from many floor types with total ease. This is an ideal all-round, high-end vacuum cleaner for people who want to breeze through their cleaning chores without any fuss or wasted time.

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