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Dyson flexible vacuum cleaner

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To get straight to our independent test scores and discover which brand is best for cleaning, head to our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews. The new Dyson tool is a detachable accessory that fits to the top of the cleaning tube, letting you rotate the vacuum up to 90 degrees to reach under furniture. The V7 also benefits from a few other updates, including changes to the filtration system that are designed to minimise allergen leakage. The updated models, which include the reach-under accessory as standard, have the same model number as the old ones.

See how the new Dyson V7 Animal fared in our tests, and check our guide to Dyson pricing for more on getting the best value when buying. Dyson cordless vacuum reviews — compare the whole range with our independent reviews. Unlike Dyson the flexible bit of the Shark Flexology range is not a detachable accessory. As well as letting you reach further under furniture, it also allows you to fold the vac in half for easy upright storage without the need for a wall mount.

Shark also does a line in corded stick vacuums, which offer the benefits of compact lightweight cleaning, but with no worries about running out of power halfway through. See how the different models fare in our tough tests by comparing our Shark cordless vacuum reviews and Shark corded vacuum cleaner reviews. Pricing information correct as of 26 June Although Dyson produces lighter cordless vacuums, Shark edges it on specs such as price, runtime, dust capacity and manufacturer warranty.

Head to our round-up of the best cordless vacuum cleaners to see which brand comes out on top for cleaning power. Need help choosing? It apparently traps Ahh, no wonder my allergies have died down after using the Dyson truestory The design is also simple and sleek. I really like the matte midnight blue colour on the V There are also many accessories that come with it for different types of surfaces.

The awesome thing is the LCD screen on a freaking vacuum! The LCD screen is quite cool wherein you can change the mode to fit the situation. There are 3 modes which are Eco, Auto and Boost. The Eco mode in the V11 preserves battery life and it even shows how much longer you can vacuum using that mode. The V11 is supposedly to last for 60 minutes but also depending on mode change it may still be not enough for a bigger house.

Mine is just nice before having to charge. I use many times for short times in a week before having to charge and I use mostly to suck up the hair that I drop at home LOL. I drop a lot of hair and it sucks up within second which is fantastic for my everyday use. The dustbin is also a good size even for a double storey house. Vacuuming the whole house would not even fill up the entire dustbin. The V11 is said to offer the strongest suction for a cordless vacuum to date.

It is very easy to use. Just pull out and clasps back. These are all the value that has been included. Nothing fancy. The fancy parts are all in the technology which has been built in. And to clean the bin, just open and shoot the dirt into a dustbin. I must also point out that the V11 is quieter than most vacuums. One more thing, the V11 takes a longer time to charge. The price is also on the high side but a Dyson is said to last for a very long time! Value for money! James Dyson, Engineer and founder.

The versatility of Dyson cordless technology makes cleaning easier all around your home. Large 0. Remove and replace for even longer-lasting power with additional batteries. Based on external and internal tests, actual performance may vary under specific conditions. Activate your guarantee. Find the right tool. Find the right part. Get help for your machine. Free delivery Your orders will be delivered for free.

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