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Dyson curling iron

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The wand is light, and the power button, fan speed, and heat settings are all within reach of the grip, so you can easily maneuver the wand for one-handed styling. It comes in three versions: Volume and Shape for fine and flat hair, which comes with 1. Each of the attachments can be bought separately. You can also buy longer curling barrels and smaller versions of the smoothing brushes. Its secret is in its air flow.

Using its internal motor remember, Dyson is famous for its powerful vacuums , it creates a vortex of air inside the hollow barrel powerful enough to draw your hair to it. Heat can damage hair of all types, and traditional curling irons typically heat to over degrees Fahrenheit. The Airwrap uses less direct heat, and it continuously measures the temperature so it never goes above degrees. The Airwrap is designed to be used on damp hair, which is unusual for hair gadgets. Most flat irons and curling irons need to be used on dry hair, or you run the risk of them frying your strands.

But the Coanda airflow safely does the drying and styling in one, without singeing any hairs. To get more of a beachy wave, I wrapped the hair around the barrel myself and then turned the Airwrap on, which helps to manipulate the hair into a wave pattern rather than a spiral. Each size barrel comes with two versions, one oriented clockwise and the other oriented counterclockwise, so you can make curls that go in both directions.

This makes it almost effortless to create a face-framing hair style. While the Airwrap is at its best as a curling iron, it also alleviates some of the aggravation of blowing out hair. An at-home blowout can be tiring and frankly painful for your arms, especially if you have a lot of hair.

The brush attachments, like any hot-air brushes on the market, blow hot air through the brush to dry and smooth your hair in one swoop. The Dyson, of course, has an edge. The teeth of the brush pivot so air flows downward, not through the hair, which is more efficient, Reyman says.

Blowouts are typically the first step in the long process of straightening curls. But with the firm smoothing brush and a quick swipe of the round brush, my hair was almost smooth enough for the outside world to see. I still think it needed a quick run through with a flat iron to smooth out some of the puffiness caused by the brushes, but not nearly as much as is typically needed. Reyman confirmed that more coily hair, like mine, will likely need a finishing touch after using the brushes.

Typically, I need to plan ahead if I want to straighten my hair. I start the night before, washing it to get any product out. It would take a lot to convince me to spend that much on a flat iron. So after wrangling one to try on myself, I put it to the test for a month to see what it would do to my damaged, stressed-out hair. Quick refresher: Dyson already made everyone in the beauty world freak out when it paused on the high-tech vacuums and released the very fancy Supersonic Hair Dryer in and then the Airwrap Styler a few years later.

So no matter what, the Corrale was automatically being released into a cloud of hype. And thus my skepticism. Yeah, the last part sounds the most questionable, but this is where the legit technology comes in: Rather than using the classic tourmaline or ceramic plates found in most straighteners, the Corrale uses magnesium copper plates that subtly flex and bend around a section of hair, while also measuring their own heat about times per second.

The end result? Better tension and more even heat distribution, leaving you with way less damage. Not ideal, but not a deal breaker either. And while most straighteners require a two-pass minimum to get my waves perfectly straight, this one smoothed my hair immediately, as if I were watching a before-and-after shot in real time. Overall, it took me about 30 minutes to fully straighten my hair, which is a bit longer than the 25 minutes it usually takes with my old straightener.

The one big con for me and a lot of other reviewers : the battery life. Yes, I did roam from one end of my apartment to the other with Corrale in hand, so the cordless function was great. But the battery only lasts 30 mins with a full charge, then needs to recharge for at least 40 minutes to get back to 90 percent. All I can really talk about is the visual difference, and when I straighten with the Dyson, my hair just looks Shinier, softer, and smoother.

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