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Best dyson vacuum cleaners for pet hair амд 10 дайсон увлажнитель воздуха

Best dyson vacuum cleaners for pet hair

The reviews for it are glowing. So, you buy one. You drag the big box into your living room But you might not be aware that some upright vacuum cleaners have canisters which detach, making them super thin and allowing for greater reach under furniture. Or that one vacuum cleaner comes with a motorized cleaning wand, perfect for tackling furniture specifically. If you cover your bases by reading this list, you can save yourself tons of hassle and frustration.

Shark DuoClean vacuums, with their amazing self-cleaning brush roll, have for some time been seen as the best for vacuums for pet hair. There is some stiff competition when comparing pet hair vacuums, but many Shark models come up tops. Taking one of the best and making it better, is not an easy challenge. I think the guys at Shark have accomplished this when they set about designing the new Shark AZ as an upgrade to the, already impressive, AZ The Shark AZ is an equally powerful machine and shares much of the great features that we all loved on the previous model.

This means powered lift away technology, allowing for the most powerful upright vacuum to be used as a handy canister vacuum. Pet lovers have come to greatly appreciate the powered pet hair brush roll. Where the Shark AZ really shines, especially as one best vacuums for pet hair, is in the superb engineering of the newly designed PowerFin brush roll.

It is far more effective at deep cleaning carpets and removing every spec of dirt and pet hair from bare floors. The Shark engineers have taken one of their best vacuum for pet hair AZ and made it even better, with a wider cleaning path and the amazing PowerFin brush roll. I think the competition is probably envious of this new development. Add in low weight and a flexible design, and you have a vacuum that can clean almost anywhere.

What makes the DuoClean Powerfins head so effective? It uses two rollers. The result is a vacuum head that picks up everything from fine dirt to cereal. This design also manages to nearly eliminate hair wrap. While other self-cleaning heads may be covered in tangles after picking up pet hair, you may find just one or two strands of hair on the rollers of this Shark head.

However, if you have pet allergies, you should look elsewhere. The watt motor is more powerful than any battery-powered stick vacuum on the market, but only middle-of-the-road compared to other corded vacuums. By removing and attaching different sections, the HZ can be used as a stick, wand or handheld vacuum. The DuoClean head can attach directly to the motor body in handheld mode, which is great for cleaning carpeted stairs.

We love this vacuum because of how easy it is to use. Have you ever tried to awkwardly lift an upright vacuum cleaner up each individual stair? Switch to Lift-Away mode in seconds and glide the light vacuum tube across walls and corners for a thorough clean.

We were especially amazed to find that the canister component of the vacuum cleaner detaches from the base in Lift-Away mode. Instead of having to lug an unwieldy upright vacuum everywhere, you can instead carry the easily transportable, box-like canister with you around the house. Has a vacuum cleaner ever been this comfortable and convenient? In upright mode, the process remains simple; with its fluid swivel steering technology, the Shark Navigator readily responds to a flick of the wrist, sparing you from the monotonous back-and-forth motion that vacuuming once was.

This model brings an unbeatable combination to the table: it has a Zero-M cleaner head designed to prevent pet hair from getting stuck inside the device, and it has powerful and consistent suction. For a truly versatile and effective lightweight Think of this as an upscale version of the Shark Navigator. It boasts many of the same features as the above-mentioned vacuum cleaner.

The Shark Rotator weighs about two pounds more than the Navigator, but crammed into those two pounds are plenty of bells and whistles. Perhaps the biggest draw is the TruePet motorized brush. When you switch to Lift-Away mode, you hold in your hand a powerful tool—the cleaning wand actually has its own motor! This added power helps rid couches and curtains of pet hair.

Feel the power flowing in your hand. Powered Lift-Away means that the canister can be removed while in upright mode, making the Rotator able to fit under more furniture than other, bulkier models. No more moving chairs and tables around! Other perks of this model include LED lights on the front of the vacuum when in upright mode and fingertip controls when switching between different floor surfaces.

Not to mention, the Hard Floor Hero accessory is specially made to pick up debris of all sizes from your hard surfaces. If you have a lot of hard surfaces or pet hair everywhere, consider the Shark Rotator. For an incredibly deep clean of your carpets and thorough polish for your bare floors, the Shark APEX Upright is the right vacuum for pet hair cleaning.

What makes this model so effective is the fact that it has two cleaner heads hence the name DuoClean. One brush roll is poised at the very front, ensuring that the vacuum picks up anything and everything. The other is located just behind the first and adds an extra level of polish and clean to any surface. With each glide across your floor, you are getting two times the picking-up power of other vacuums, which usually have only one cleaner head.

Use this vacuum on carpets to suck up the debris deep in the fibers or use it on bare floors to achieve a nice new sheen. It really does make your bare floors shine! This model was specially made for those that want to tackle their pet hair laden floors. The DuoClean technology works on all floor types. No more pet hair getting wound up in the rollers. Add the Powered Lift-Away, noise reduction and Active Glide technologies for unbelievably smooth maneuverability, and you have an absolute monster of a machine.

The Shark Rocket stick vacuum lets you cut right to the chase. Not only does the ultra-slim design allow you to plug in and get vacuuming anywhere right away, but it can also detach and become a hand-vacuum in seconds. With its incredibly handy Zero-M technology, which sends pet hair that has wrapped onto the inner mechanism straight to the canister where it belongs, the Shark Rocket will make short work of stray pet hair.

At the end of a breezy cleaning session, empty out the canister and stash the Shark stick vacuum away for next time. Heck, at 9. This small but powerful stick vacuum will ensure that your apartment looks just like it the vacuum does: sleek and without a single superfluous detail.

For all the lightweight convenience of the Shark Rocket, some of us are still cursed with the peskiest of pet hair, yet we still need something compact and easy to use. DuoClean is the only way to go. For bigger homes, you may want to consider another model with this technology, like the APEX. A real heavy-duty creature, the Dyson Upright Ball Animal 2 makes the sturdy claim of having the strongest suction power of any vacuum cleaner, though it has a price point to match.

If you want someone or their sinuses to never know that an animal was present, you should probably go with this one. Packed with an array of accessories to help you reach any nook or cranny, this pet hair special Dyson model has everything you need for a real deep clean. This vacuum means business. Even deep pile carpets cannot hide pet hair and debris that this machine will not pick up. On the other hand, the vacuum is also suited for delicate flooring.

This vacuum for pet hair truly has everything you need. One of the best vacuums from Dyson. Of course, a big vacuum needs a big canister. With about half a gallon of canister space, the Ball Animal 2 will be slow to fill up. One of the best handheld pet vacuums is the Vax HGA-P18 Gator, which boasts a cordless design, crevice tools, powered turbo head which is great for hair and a 20 minute charge time. Other features include an easy to empty bin, 18V battery and lightweight 1.

Considering this is a lightweight handheld model, the Gator picks up hair surprisingly effectively. Its small design also makes it great for cars or cleaning above the floor. This model is never going to match the C3 Cat and Dog or Big Ball Animal 2 when it comes to pulling up dog and cat hair from carpets. It also comes with an integrated crevice tool. To summarise, if you want to keep your home clean from animal hair without an expensive, bulky new vac, the Vax HGA-P18 Gator could be the perfect option.

Key Features: Powerful suction and efficient filtration Long 4. Dyson V8 Absolute. The biggest difference between the previous V6 and the V8 Absolute is the longer run-time. The V8 is capable of running for up to 40 minutes on a single charge , which should be plenty of time for most cleaning tasks. Most importantly for dog or cat owners, it also does a great job of cleaning up fur. This is in contrast to many cordless models , which often struggle to generate the suction power required.

As always, there are some drawbacks. With a small dust capacity, it also needs to be emptied regularly. This is because for most people the Animal provides excellent performance at a lower cost. They are both similar vacuums, but the Animal is cheaper yet still has a direct-drive cleaner head for carpets.

One of the most interesting features of the Shark is the Duo floor head. This allows the Shark to clean more deeply and remove almost any type of debris from hard floors and carpets, including hair and smaller particles. This is great for upholstery — especially as it has a handheld mode.

There are a few downsides to this cat and dog vacuum though. While the filter is reasonably effective, it can be difficult to empty the dust container without dust escaping. The lightweight design with optional handheld mode also makes it a versatile pet vacuum cleaner. Dyson Big Ball Animal 2. Dyson is probably best known for upright vacs, but the company also produces some excellent cylinder vacuum cleaners. As you would expect from Dyson, the Big Ball Animal 2 has a number of interesting features.

Most importantly for pet owners, the Big Ball 2 makes quick work of pet hair. Whether you own a long-haired dog or a short-haired cat, it can easily remove hair from carpets and hard floors. Even so, the most important thing is that it keeps allergens trapped inside the machine.

While this is vital for allergy sufferers, everyone can benefit from fewer particles of pet dander, bacteria and dust floating around their home. There are a few things that hold the Animal 2 back though. It does a great job with animal hair and is better than the previous Cinetic Big Ball Animal for all-round cleaning though.

Despite these drawbacks, the Big Ball Animal 2 is one of the best cylinder vacuums for pet hair. As a dog hair vacuum, it can cope with both short and long hair breeds. It still has multi-cyclonic technology and an A-rating for dust re-emission, however, so it does a decent job of retaining allergies. Another useful feature is the lift-out canister. Cleaning radius is one feature that lets this model down.

The 1. So any of the models listed above would be suitable for homes with either cats and dogs or both. There are some excellent pet vacuums available. While the best vacuum for pet hair depends on your requirements, we think the 1 all round model is the Miele C3 Cat and Dog Powerline. It has strong suction and can really dig into carpets and remove any trapped hair. For handheld models, the Vax is a good option, while the Shark is probably the best upright vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Hi Janet. Good question! Yes, the page has been updated and all models that are no longer available because of the W limit have been replaced. We still think it provides brilliant performance despite the lower power. How about how easy it is to keep the vacuum clean. I have a Dyson upright and a Dyson cordless and I spend as much time cutting and pulling hair that has wrapped around the wheels on the brush head, and the spindles on the ends of the brushbar.


If you can afford it, this is one of the best pet hair vacuums for simultaneously removing both pet hair and pet odors. Shark have taken their best lightweight pet vacuum and made it even better. Recent upgrades to their ultralight stick vacuum have resulted in a an incredibly powerful HZ Vertex model. The newly designed DuoClean, double brush roll system, now has PowerFins, making it the best for cleaning up pet hair and hard debris from any type of floor.

The DuoClean Brush roll has always been a significant advantage for effortless cleaning. This has been taken a step further with the introduction of PowerFin technology which maintains constant contact with the floor surface. There are no gaps between bristles, so no dirt can escape the powerful cleaning action. Vertex technology is another great marvel of Shark engineering. The HZ is now the most powerful stick vacuum in the Shark repertoire.

Without increasing electricity consumption, the new suction system is more efficient. Cleaning deep into carpets and lifting heavy debris, like kitty litter, from hard floors like never before. The Cleaning head has powerful LED lights, and it converts to handheld vacuum, making it a breeze to clean every area of the home.

The handheld vacuum does not have lights though. The Dust cup is simply enormous for such a compact vacuum, 0. So, the upgraded Dyson V11 is bound to impress the critics. Dyson cyclone technology is already the stuff of legends, providing exceptional suction with a low power consumption. The new generation 14 cyclone system takes this concept to a totally new level.

Combined with a super-efficient digital DC motor, this is probably the most powerful cordless stick vacuum for pet hair on the market. When it comes to pet hair vacuums, the Dyson V11 cordless vacuum has the goods. The digital motorized brush roll is ingeniously designed to remove pet hair from any type of floor. Tough nylon bristles get into the carpet fibers with superb cleaning power.

At the same time, carbon fiber filaments remove the finest dust from bare floors. You also get all the attachments for pet hair and every other type of household cleaning: the high torque cleaning head, combination tool, mini motorized cleaning head, stubborn dirt brush, and a crevice tool. The kit also includes a remarkable nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery, which provides up to minutes of runtime. Clever power management helps you get the most from this battery.

You obviously get a charger 4. To empty the V11, just hold it over the trash can and the dirt drops away at the touch of a button. Filtration is fantastic and it has a 0. Quite remarkable for compact and lightweight 6. The Dyson brand is synonymous with outstanding quality and superior technology. Something worth paying extra for. If you need to contend with pet hair in your home, and want the convenience of a cordless stick vacuum, the Dyson V11 Animal is certainly a tough act to follow.

One of the most powerful lightweight corded stick vacuums, with all the top features, the Shark APEX ZS is the cream of the crop when it comes to versatile pet hair vacuums. It is ideal for removing pet hair, kitty litter, and all other pet debris from bare floors and carpets.

The Shark DuoClean, double brush roll system, is perfect for hard debris and pet hair on any type of floor. In addition to this, it has the Zero-M self-cleaning system, preventing hair from collecting in the brush roll. Our pick for the best tangle free vacuum for pet hair on the market. The pound stick vacuum whizzes effortlessly around the home, with swivel steering and a bright LED light for added ease. It lays almost flat, perfect for cleaning under furniture.

For a compact stick vacuum, the dust cup is pretty big — 0. Using the Pet multitool upholstery tool , it will lift fine pet hair from your furniture, bed linen, and curtains quickly and easily. The handheld canister vacuum also has an LED light. As one of the few stick vacuums powerful enough to a good job deep cleaning carpets, the APEX DuoClean is an excellent choice for a home with pets.

It is just as amazing for hardwood floors. It is designed for perfect maneuverability, with the added benefit of handheld canister vacuum. Definitely one of the best stick vacuums for pet hair. Many vacuum cleaner manufacturers will claim that they have the best pet hair vacuum.

Though few can really say that theirs is the best. Bissell is one brand that can honestly say that they are one of the best when it comes to vacuum cleaners that specialize in cleaning dog hair. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser may well be their best pet hair vacuum out of a wide variety of pet hair vacuum cleaners. This is not only for its superior cleaning abilities in homes with pets, but the fantastic practicality and versatility that this amazing pet hair vacuum offers. The roller brush does not collect hair in the bristles, which is one of the first reasons why pet owners will love this upright vacuum.

It also has some good pet hair attachments, the most notable of which is the Pet Turbo Eraser tool. One of the issues with having pets in the home is odors and allergens. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser may well be the best at taking care of this. The SmartSeal Allergen system provides superbly clean, allergen-free air.

In addition to this, it uses a Febreze odor eliminating filter, leaving the air in your home fresh beautifully fragrant. As one of the top vacuum cleaners on the market, the Bissell Eraser has some of the best features for convenient cleaning. It has quick, hygienic and easy emptying of the dust cup. The versatile Bissell also has swivel steering. The Bissell name is widely associated with pet lovers and for quality customer service. A 5-year warranty is proof of their commitment to customer satisfaction and a general belief that theirs, is one of the top upright vacuums in terms of quality.

This is going to be flagship model for Shark. The power and effectiveness of the pod and its brush make it one of the top vacuums for dog hair and this is enhanced by the use of the anti-allergen complete seal technology and the TruePet mini-motorized brush attachment. Lifting pet hair may be the primary aim but this adaptability means any dirt can be attacked from almost anywhere.

The Shark Rotator is lighter than Dyson with an equally long cord and similar maneuverability. Some people like the ability to remove the canister caddy that lets you use the vacuum and its suction nozzle to clean stairs without relying on a handheld vacuum cleaner. The NV not only has a narrow crevice wand that is stiff and thus a fairly common vacuum tool but a flexible crevice tool to get in those hard to reach spaces behind things. It has a flexible, multi-angle dusting brush.

The Shark does better on hardwood floors and tile than carpet. But it does a great job picking up pet hair and other messes on hard surfaces than Dyson. Even though it may not have all the features and accessories of the more expensive pet vacuums, it is the best pet vacuum for its price.

The spin4pro roller brush is designed to lift and remove pet hair from carpets and bare floor surfaces with ease. It has the benefit of being very light, only Using the detachable cleaning wand and the Turboclaw Pet Tool you can clean your upholstery and other hard to reach areas with ease. It has powerful suction without the hassle of power loss as the bin fills up. In addition to this, it has a very effective three stage filtration system.

The Dirt Devil Razor Pet upright vacuum is the best pet vacuum for its price. The combination of affordability and highly effective cleaning power, suitable for handling the extra demands of a home with pets, make it a very attractive option for many.

The Shark Navigator promises to never lose suction and that is a big promise for a vacuum for pet hair. This vacuum is great for carpets, wood floors and tile floors and really does remove massive amounts of pet hair. With dogs that are indoors a lot, shedding can be a constant problem and it is important to stay on top of the issue or the hair will build up to an unbearable level that can no longer be controlled.

The Shark Navigator features a detachable wand for use in hard to reach areas. The complete on board pet tool pack is great for use on dog hair, cat hair, pet dander and works to remove hair from carpet or any other type of surface. This vacuum is pretty lightweight and features a lift away and carry option so that you are free to move around the home and take care of messes at any location.

Since this vacuum is effective on carpets and hard surface floors you do not need to swap out vacuum cleaners in between jobs, you can just continue using the same vacuum cleaner and finish up the vacuuming twice as fast. The Shark Rocket model HV unit is an affordable handheld vacuum for pet hair. A vacuum attachment kit for car detailing costs about ten dollars more.

This vacuum has a long stretch hose. It comes with a dusting brush and 12 inch crevice tool. The dusting brush does a good job. This vacuum has good suction overall. And it is lightweight, around four pounds. The dust cup has average capacity, but it is easy to empty. Just make sure you empty it over an empty trash bin with the base of the vacuum inside the trash can to contain all the debris.

The filters can be washed and reused. The six inch vacuum head is best used for spot cleaning, car detailing and upholstery. This is the best handheld pet hair vacuum which can also be used for spot cleaning and cleaning your car. The Dyson Cinetic ball Animal canister vacuum has excellent suction that it sustains up to and until the dirt cup is full. Because it lacks filters but has a design that traps dirt and dander in the cyclone, it needs little maintenance compared to other vacuums except for emptying out the dirt cup.

It is highly maneuverable, has long reach, comes with conveniently stored accessories and a turbine tool that makes it invaluable for pet owners. The turbine tool is immune to tangling, even with long pet fur. It continues to pick up pet fur, dander and dirt until the dirt compartment is full. If you regularly clean the couch where the long haired critters love to curl up and shed, the Dyson Cinetic Ball model is the best choice for you.

If you need something to spot clean the medium thickness carpets where the cat likes to lay before cleaning the rest of the house, this is a decent choice as long as you plan on cleaning out the small dirt bin periodically. The Roomba is probably the most famous robotic vacuum cleaner.

The model includes fixes to many of the flaws of its earlier models, such as iAdapt navigation that lets it navigate around the house to clean the whole home instead of bouncing around at random. Note that you need wi-fi for this and the app to work, and you have to configure the Roomba with the app before you can use the app to control the robot vacuum. The multi-room navigation feature is only available with this vacuum, the Roomba , and the model.

At a little under four inches tall, it is less likely to get stuck under the recliner and can better find its way out from under the dining room table. You can set cleaning schedules via an app with this vacuum. The model Roomba does a better job of sucking up fine dander and pet hair than its predecessors. And unlike the models five years ago, long pet hair and string is far less likely to tangle the vacuum brush so it can no longer do its job.

The tangle free extractor is only available in the models , and This is one of the best pet hair vacuums that will remain a favorite among the increasingly competitive realm of robotic vacuum cleaners. What are the important features to look out for when purchasing a vacuum for pet hair? The first feature to look out for regarding a vacuum for dealing with pet hair is its overall performance.

After all, very few of us buy a vacuum only to pick up the pet hair our critters leave behind. How well does it pick up sand out of the carpet? Does it pick up crumbs and pebbles, light debris and heavy debris? Can it pick up the heavy debris and wads of fur without leaving behind a fine trail of dust behind it? One point to consider is how well the vacuum handles hard floors versus carpets.

For those who have to deal with pet hair, the second priority is how well it handles pet hair. With regard to pet hair, many vacuums can pick up a few hairs but clog on them. Does the pet hair clog the beater bar or roller brush? For some units, the bend in the vacuum cleaner intake becomes a choking point as pet hair gets trapped and then tangles together.

The best vacuums, pick up all the pet hair while conveying it safely to the dust cup or vacuum bag. Value is not the same thing as price. There are expensive vacuum cleaners that perform as well regarding pet hair as ones that cost half as much.

Magazines like Consumer Reports can give you a fair rating of performance as well as value for a vacuum cleaner. This means the vacuum needs to come with an upholstery tool that is as good at picking up pet fur without clogging as the main vacuum cleaner. Some people with pets think they need to get a quiet vacuum cleaner.

While this is nice to have, the better solution is acclimating your pets to the noise and use of the vacuum cleaner instead of having the pets cower in fear at the noise. Every vacuum cleaner is noisy, and even the so called quiet ones are around 67 decibels versus the 70 to 72 decibels of the loud ones. A wet-dry vacuum cleaner that can also pick up pet hair is the best choice if you regularly use the vacuum to pick up thrown up fur balls or clean up after a puppy that is shedding heavily was well as making various messes on the floor.

If you have asthma or allergies, a bagged vacuum cleaner that seals in the debris and dander when you remove it is a nice feature to have. A sales person from a well known vacuum company came to our home to demonstrate a very expensive vacuum.

All went well, it had a lot of admirable features including great reviews until she tortured a select section of my carpet times and was unable to pick anything up. She asked if my carpet was fairly new. We decided to choose a whole different area that needed cleaning. I let her vacuum this section with her nifty vacuum as many times as she felt fit. She ran over the spot several times.

Deeming it quite cleaned, she happily invited me run my old Dyson over that same spot…. After just one quick sweep it picked up even deeper dirt left behind. My husband did like a couple of features unavailable on my machine so he made the purchase. I continue to use my machine and he uses his new toy, giving us the best of both worlds.

I would like to know which dyson you have. I hate my Dyson! Well, I just returned that vacuum for that precise reason. I have a Golden Retriever and an English Lab, both heavy shedders. I was at first impressed with the vacuums strong suction, and a tad disturbed at the amount of dirt it picked up that my previous cleaner missed. Then, the brush stooped. Visual inspection showed hair jammed between the plastic ring that supports the brush. There is no easy way to get to it to unclog it as there are 6 screws holding the cover in place.

I thought that maybe this was an anomaly, but the next effort did the same thing. This might be a great vacuum for short haired dogs and cats, or just getting dirt and dust out of your thick pile carpets, but otherwise, get something else!

Norm Miller — Did you ever find a vacuum that did not clog the roller? As for storage, this vacuum has a wall-mount, a real bonus for small homes or if this vac is to be kept in a kitchen utility cupboard for charging. This is the time where we will say to buy the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away with TruePet, which is perfect for anyone who wants to give cordless a go but likes the cleaning style of their cylinder or upright. A new breed of vacuum cleaner If a stick vacuum cleaner is a speedy greyhound, an upright a reliable Labrador and a cylinder a compact but sturdy bulldog, then this vacuum is the perfect mongrel.

Pictured above in upright mode it is well suited to those who want the agility and convenience of a cordless vacuum but would prefer an upright to push than a stick. A simple click and lift and the cylinder detaches — you can either carry that around as you do the stairs, or set it down while you push the foot over your flooring. TruePet tech It is in the name that this is designed for pet owners so how does it cope with the hair and dirt?

Very well is the answer. The foot and attachments lift hair with ease and the boost button ups the power for getting engrained dirt from floors. Our reviewer noted that long hair does get tangled in the brush, but this can be easily removed.

Power and charging The battery life is on the generous side for a cordless at 50 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to whizz around and you can buy a spare batter to charge while the other is in use. The power is impressive and it is surprisingly quiet. Boost mode shortens the battery life but if you are the kind of person who cleans little and often, it will suit you well.

Not everyone is team Dyson, and we love this bag-free version from Miele, known for their top-quality engineering. Ease of use The suction on this model is great and it has a good range of tools, all neatly stowed in the body of the vacuum cleaner. Switching between settings is simple — just flip the foot control to adjust brushes or retract the cable.

That said, when it is in high suction mode on carpet, you might notice its weight and strength, so we recommend turning it down so the foot glides more easily. However, it is on the weighty side, so if you have lots of stairs, you might prefer a lighter model — for a large bungalow though, it would be perfect. If you have pets, love a Dyson, but prefer an upright model to the cylinder style above, we highly rate the Ball Animal 2. Its clever brush heads pick up all the hair our furry friends leave behind, without getting tangled up, and the motorised brush bar gets out stubborn dirt from muddy paws.

All flooring, all debris Be it mud on kitchen tiles or fur bedded into your carpet, this vacuum cleaner gets to work with ease. The suction is powerful so it does the job quickly, but you might want to turn it down a bit for carpet as it can be harder to push. Tools The Dyson Ball Animal 2 comes with a two-in-one tool for dust and cobwebs, a stair tool and a turbine tool that is tangle-free — perfect for handling all types of pet hair.

The latter will help get fur and other debris off upholstery, too. Ease of use The low profile head and telltale ball make swishing this beauty round almost enjoyable. No wonder we rated it our top cordless vacuum overall too. Supreme clean As well as high suction, the filter captures allergens with ease offering as thorough a clean as much larger vacuums. It has a good range of attachments and is well-designed for the car or spot cleaning so you could happily have it as the only vac for a small household, or a portable back-up in larger homes.

It will hit the floor running for up to 60 minutes, so as long as you have time to charge it 4. Lightweight Whether you have a lot of stairs or mobility issues, this vacuum is suitably lightweight. Despite it being lightweight, the power, battery and dust capacity have not been compromised.

The style also means it will clean all those high up corners and crevices with little fuss. Max power It is great in standard mode, but you will need to switch it to max power for tougher jobs. This gives it super suction but does result in a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, it cleans so well you find yourself emptying the bin and cleaning the filter very regularly. Secondly, max power does decrease the battery life so you can only use it in short bursts. See all of our favourite Dyson cordless vacuums in the guide.

AirClean filter The filter system means carpets and homes in general feel fresher. This is thanks to the AirClean filter system, which filters The filter has a useful TimeStrip, too, which tells you when it needs to be changed. This vac also has a special bag fleece, which retains more fine dust and small particles than a normal bag. Combined with an auto-shut mechanism that closes the bag when the vacuum is opened for emptying and prevents dust from escaping back into the air, this is a good choice for allergy sufferers and neat freaks alike.

However, you can change the settings on the vacuum cleaner to suit the floor type with the conveniently placed foot controls. There is a wide range of extra attachments available including a parquet floor tool which is less likely to scratch wood and an extra-large hardwood floor brush to speed up the cleaning in large homes. Ease of use This vacuum cleaner has a large operating radius of 12m the one-touch retractable power cord is 7. The extra long hose will make vacuuming up and down stairs easier than with heftier or upright models.

The only downside? Another plus point is its long cable, at just over 10m; handy if you have a large house. There are three suction modes: one for picking up large debris, one for stubborn dirt and one for deep pile carpets, and this carpet does cope well with picking up both small and large particles, which not all carpets cope well with. The good news? Its efficient filters mean that allergens stay in the canister — ideal for pet-owning allergy sufferers.

The attachment options, including a combination crevice tool and upholstery brush, and turbo upholstery brush, also make cleaning up pet hairs from upholstery and curtains a simple task. And on-board tool storage means every tool is always to hand. Useful if your cat likes to sleep on the back of the sofa or your dog moults so freely that even the curtains need a regular vacuuming.

Ready to put it away? What else do we like? The extra long, 10m cord is useful. This might be a fairly small vac, but its cord means it has the oomph to tackle large spaces. The downside of its size? Handheld cleaning What you lose in canister size, though, you win in the handheld department. This stick vacuum cleaner quickly converts to a lightweight, powerful handheld vacuum cleaner, which is really useful for when you want to clean stairs or raised surfaces, including furniture and curtains.

It makes it a viable option as a vac for tackling pet hair-ridden cars, too. Tackle carpets and hard floors So how does it perform on surfaces? The brush head itself has two brush rolls, which are specially designed to draw in large and small debris from carpets while lifting fine, stuck-on dust from hard floors.

For big family homes and lots of pets we would recommend buying the Athlet Pro Animal vacuum for pet hair. Cleaning power Like the others on our list, this vacuum for pet hair is designed to tackle all floor types, and it has a HighPower Brush that works at around 5, revolutions a minute for thorough cleaning of carpets. Bosch also claims that these features means this vac can clean faster than some of its comparable corded vacuum cleaners. There are three power levels: one for easy cleaning jobs on maximum run time ; one for normal cleaning jobs on medium run time and a turbo level for difficult cleaning jobs and a reduced run time.

Attachments This cordless vacuum also comes with useful attachments, including a Pro Animal nozzle, which can be a little tricky to dismantle and change, but which picks up pet hair well. The manoeuvrable nozzle attachment helps the vacuum move easily around and beneath furniture, while the upholstery and crevice tools are useful for vacuuming pet hair off furniture and curtains.

However some people might find this a little hard to get used to and prefer the basic handheld cordless stick vacs like the Dyson V11 above. Ease of use It has an impressively long battery life of up to 60 minutes, so you can do a thorough job in every room. Charging time is short, too; just three hours to take it to 80 per cent, or six hours to per cent charged.

Vacuums designed with hair removal in mind will often feature a motorised brush head to really work fluff up off carpet and upholstery. They might also include different filters to tackle the hair and allergens that come with pets. In terms of style and type, you can get stick, cylinder and upright vacuums designed for pet hair so this will come down to your own preferences.

Flooring First, what type of flooring do you have? If your pets tend to moult throughout the house, it can be beneficial to opt for a vacuum that is adaptable to all floor types such as carpet and hardwood or laminate floors. If you have carpet, you will want a vacuum with a good brush to lift the hair from the pile. Corded or cordless?

Also, consider what spaces you will need to vacuum. What about robot vacuum cleaners? A robot vacuum cleaner is great for the floor but you will need a secondary vacuum to do a thorough job of the rest of your home. If your pet ever gets on furniture you will definitely need a vacuum with brushes and attachments to help remove fur. Got a dog that barks at the vacuum making cleaning a headache? Then a robot vacuum could be the solution. You can pop it on when you and the dog are out for stress-free cleaning.

Naturally, the smaller and more lightweight the vacuum, the smaller its capacity. Suction power This is one of the most important features of a good vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers list the suction power of their machines with a standard unit of measurement such as airwatts AW , making it hard to compare models.

Instead of listing the power of various models in different units we have only included vacuums that have exceptional suction power so you know you are getting the best. Vacuums with bad suction have not made it onto this list. Brand Most of the major vacuum brands such as Dyson, Miele and Vax have now introduced specialised vacuums for pet hair, which have much stronger suction and often feature allergy filters for those who are particularly sensitive.


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